Our Timeline

Circle time – a whole group activity where the children learn songs, listen to stories, and take part in show and tell.

This often leads onto physical games, movement to music ,etc.

9am - Children arrive, change into plimsoles, store their healthy snack and head in for Regsistration.

Tidy up time - towards the end of the session the children are encouraged to help tidy away their toys/activities.

Throughout the session we undertake adult guided activities in which all the children are encouraged to participate – table top games, stories, collage activities etc

Short Registration, where children are encouraged to share their stories

Free play – where the children can choose which activity they can undertake – supported by the staff

Activities are rotated regularly and we always have a variety of toys / equipment and activities (inside and out)to cover the all aspects of the revised EYFS*

Snack time - we operate a rolling snack system whereby small groups sit with a member of staff to eat their snack – allowing time for conversation.

Children have free flow access to a secure outside area - both covered and open grass.