Early Years Pupil Premium


The Government has introduced  funding called the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP). The aim of this is to 'Close the gap between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers by providing funding to early years providers to help them raise the quality of their provision'.

At Rudgwick Pre-school we apply for EYPP along with your Free Entitlement (FE) funding from the information you give on your FE Parent Declaration Form.  This applies to all 3 & 4 year olds in our setting, as parents you do not need to do anything other than complete and return the form when given to you.


We will be informed if your child is eligible and the funding will be directly transferred to us. Applying for the EYPP does not affect your FE, the EYPP is additional funding and is linked directly to the number of funded hours you claimed for.

EYPP is given to children from low income families, have been adopted or looked after by the local authorities. Full eligibility criteria is available on request.


Rudgwick Pre-school reserves the right to use pupil premium funding to support any child or group of children that have legitimately been identified as being disadvantaged and therefore help narrow the gap in children's attainment.

Pupil premium money will be used flexibly across the pre-school in a variety of ways to address the needs of children at any one time. This could be by:-

  • Providing small group work 

  • Providing some 1-1 opportunities during session time

  • To enhance staff skills and knowledge by attending specific training courses

  • Increase off site visits and 'real experiences' for children

  • Providing access to professional advice, support and services

  • Providing additional equipment


How the funding is used will be determined by the needs of the children attending and therefore may change from term to term.


All Early Years Settings will be monitored by Ofsted to ensure the Early Years Pupil Premium is being used effectively.


Should you have any questions please ask.