Gardening Level 1.jpg

At Rudgwick Pre-School we understand the benefits of fruit and vegetables and seeing how things grow.  We have planters and hanging baskets which the children have helped to plant and look after.


The children planted carrots, radishes and lettuces with Mrs Barrett James who is co-ordinating gardening activities. We have planters and hanging baskets which we’ve planted colourful flowers and textured grasses in and a planting bed along the front of our building where we hope to grow some sun flowers. We have a bug house around which we have planted a selection of fragrant herbs. We understand we have to use gardening tools carefully.



Over the summer we grew tomatoes, strawberries and carrots, which the children helped to harvest (and eat).   The children helped clear the garden, planting beds and pots by sweeping away fallen leaves and raking and turning the soil.  We planted bulbs in autumn which flowered beautifully. The children have discussed what to grow - one boy said "we need to make an apple tree".  He explained that "we need soft ground to put our fingers in and need two seeds".